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Regardless of the season, events are always held that draw visitors from all over New England. I love it when one of these articles helps me with a short list of events in Newburyport, Massachusetts, and other parts of Massachusetts.

Whether you live in the Newburyport area or just come to visit, the Clipper City Rail Trail is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the area. The path runs along the Merrrimack River from the MBTA commuter station and offers a picturesque spot for sports, picnics and just a leisurely stroll.

There are more streams to explore along the way, including the swamps of the Plum Island River and the Merrrimack River and its tributaries. The island is a wildlife sanctuary and you walk along the beach to the main road of the sanctuaries, which offers great views of the river, wetlands and even some of Newburyport's historic buildings. Smaller boaters or kayakers will find a world of exciting places to explore along the lower Merrimacks. For all you need to know about fishing for perch and other small fish in the area, visit Surfland Bait & Tackle on Main Street.

For more information, visit the wildlife shelter and book a guided bird watching tour with the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Bring binoculars and see why this region is one of the highest in the Northeast for bird watching.

Visit Newburyport Harbor Lighthouse, built in 1898, and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the coast. It features rolling hills, winding paths and scenic views of Boston Harbor and the Massachusetts coast. Take a walk through the towering pine trees and naturally occurring wild flower stands on the shore and in the water.

Outdoor lovers can also spend time on Spofford Street, which overlooks the Merrimack River, a 476-acre riverside property. Here you will find a narrow street flanked by picturesque views of Newburyport harbour and the sea, as well as the city's historic buildings. Maudslay State Park in Newburysport is a great place to spend a day picnicking, picnic tables and enjoying a good view of Boston Harbor. The picturesque view from where it meets the oceans is another favourite of visitors.

There is also the Audubon Center on Plum Island Turnpike, which is one of the largest wildlife reserves in Newburyport and the second largest in the state. This 52 hectare nature reserve includes over 1,000 bird species, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, making it a popular spot for bird watchers. From here you have a great view of Boston Harbor, as well as the historic buildings and other landmarks of the city.

The highlight of the boathouse is its location, just a few blocks from the Newburyport Museum of Natural History. While there's not much to discover about the outdoor attractions, most indoor destinations remain open all day, so plan to explore the area and see some of these famous attractions. The area is bordered by the Massachusetts State House, Boston Public Library and the city's historic buildings.

In spring, you can stroll downtown and admire the window boxes and hanging baskets that fill the city, or take a bird-watching trip to Plum Island. Most of them live in the Parker River Wildlife Refuge, which is visited by nearly 300 bird species every season. Try to escape the water and sunbathe on Plum Island's beach or head out into the rolling meadows of Newburyport National Forest, a popular destination for birdwatchers.

The Clipper City Rail Trail connects the Merrimack River to the Commuter Rail Station if you are looking for a nature hike closer to the city centre. The city is dotted with several parks and beaches, including Newburyport Beach Park, a popular spot for picnics and sunbathing. You can also hop on an MBTA commuter train and walk to one of the many parks in the area to enjoy a leisurely walk, walk or bike ride.

Waterfront Park is a perfect green space and features a grand waterfront promenade that runs along the Merrimack River, with benches to enjoy the views of the water and boating activities. Add the sculpture - the Clipper City Rail Trail, a paved path that leads from the suburban train station to downtown - and you have the perfect mini-break from Boston. Some of our favorite trails lead to and from the Merrimacks River and offer magnificent views of the city center and the waterfront. Goo to a giant ball game, ride the cable car with the fishermen, explore the island of Alcatraz, the list goes on.

To help you get started on your journey, here are some of our favourite things to do and places to stay and eat in Newburyport. Start with our guide to hidden destinations, from the best ice cream parlours in Boston to the most popular restaurants in the city. Be sure to blog Elizabeth for all things New England, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Note: Some stores, attractions and events across New Hampshire have been modified or canceled in response to COVID-19 and the health crisis.

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