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When you think of the events at Newburyport, you should think of the special annual tradition that begins on the last weekend in July and ends on the first weekend in August. First held in 1958, the Newburyports Yankee Homecoming is a celebration of the city's history, culture and history, as well as baseball and football. The event, held every second Saturday in July, began with an event to increase interest in reading, literature and art, in response to the growing interest of readers in literary art. This free concert is aimed at all ages and takes place on Saturday, July 22, from 7 to 9 pm in the Old Town Hall.

This family-friendly event, which will take place on Saturday 22 July from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Old Town Hall, is a celebration of Newbury's history, culture and history in baseball and football.

The fireworks display on the shore at the end of the festivities is always a highlight, and live music attracts the masses. There will be fireworks at 7pm on Saturday, followed by another show on Sunday, which will end with the final home game of the Newbury High School football team.

Shopping events in Newburyport are very popular with visitors and locals alike, as the people of Newburntport and surrounding towns are very loyal and are happy to support local small business owners. If your city planner calendar is near you, you can look forward to great business opportunities. Calendars are full of coupons for popular local retailers, so save some money by supporting small businesses directly from your home town.

As the captain of the fishing parties, we respect and appreciate the wishes of fallen soldiers and veterans whose loved ones have asked to retreat into the ocean. We offer great opportunities for exceptional and adventurous couples who want to tie the knot, and we help you plan the perfect celebration for guests of all ages. Call us at for more information and to see the fireworks at sea on the 4th. Drop anchor in Newburyport and start your homecoming with the best fireworks display you can imagine. The boats are available at any time of the day and night, even in the middle of a busy holiday weekend, to ensure the physical well-being of the guests.

Visit Surfland Bait & Tackle to learn all you need to know about fishing in Newburyport, New England's most popular fishing destination. Bring binoculars and learn why this region is the peak of the Northeast for bird watching.

Visit Newburyport Harbor Lighthouse, built in 1898, and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the coast. 01950, spend a cool summer night drifting, enjoying a drink and a colourful sunset in the beautiful harbour on the top of the lighthouse on the south side of the city, a short walk from the beach.

This tour not only offers a satisfying selection of local treats, but also provides an overview of Newburyport's history as you walk the streets and enjoy yourself. Take a break and read about some of your favorite places that make the most of the New England Hall of Fame. Enjoy live music while sampling chilli from Newcastle's top restaurants and sampling craft beers and ciders from local and regional breweries. While enjoying art and entertainment, be sure to check out the " Events Calendar" for all your cruises! "

The 565 theaters are joining the Braves Variety Club to raise money. The theatre people, who are dedicated to worthwhile activities for young people, heard about this research programme and decided to take it over as a permanent charity of the club. This year, I became co-chairman of the fund with Perini, and highlights include the creation of the Coast Guard at Newburyport, the New England Hall of Fame and more.

In 1949, the governors of the six New England states proclaimed Jimmy Day, which is now held annually. No time was wasted in asking Governor Robert F. Bradford to make a statement declaring the first Saturday in June a nationwide "Jimmy Day," and inviting Commonwealth cities to participate. In 1949, the governors of all six states, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Jersey, proclaimed him.

One of the most popular is the Eagle Festival, hosted by the Newburyport Flats Neighborhood Association, a group of residents, businesses and community organizations. Other popular events include running events through the streets and neighborhoods of the city. Merrimac Street and High Street are connected by a two-block section of sidewalks and sidewalks about a mile long.

Part of the early Boston and Maine railroad, which ran farther north, was discontinued and converted into a recreational trail. Route 113 (113) has a connection to Route 1A, which runs the same right-hand route as Route 113 through Newbury.

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More About Newburyport